Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Psych Ops Israeli style

Israel Hacks Into Manar TV, Accuses Nasrallah of Being Liar
Agence France Press, 1 Aug, 2006

Israel on Tuesday hacked into the television station of Hizbullah, emblazoning images on the screen showing pictures of corpses and claiming the group's leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah was a liar.
One of the images shown on Al-Manar TV portrayed the body of a fighter lying face-down, wearing khaki trousers with a text beneath in Arabic reading: "This is the photograph of a body of a member of Hizbullah's special forces."

"Nasrallah lies: it is not us that is hiding our losses," continued the text, which appeared during the evening news and stayed on the screen for several minutes.

A photograph of Nasrallah himself also appeared with the legend: "member of Hizbullah: watch out."

Another photograph of corpses was framed by the words: "there are a large number of corpses like this on the ground and Nasrallah is hiding this truth."

Israel also hacked into FM radio stations and instead of normal programs a two-minute recording was repeatedly broadcast.

"Hassan sent men to fight the Israeli army, an army of steel, without preparing them. Stop listening to patriotic hymns for a moment, reflect and bring your feet back to the ground," said the Arabic message.

Israel has used a variety of technological weapons to wage a psychological war in Lebanon, also sending text messages to mobile phones and voice messages saying its war was against Hizbullah and not the Lebanese people.(AFP)

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