Thursday, August 03, 2006

64% of Lebanese say no to disarming Hizbullah

Ipsos-Stat tried hard to ask questions in a way as to determine the results. For example, the first question was about whether this war's timing was "appropriate." Now when you phrase it like that, you mix the attitude to Hizbullah with the attitude to Israel. So 62% said that the timing of the war was not appropriate. And when the Lebanese were asked whether they support the US demand for disarming Hizbullah, 64% of Lebanese said no. (63% of Sunnis, interestingly). As for whether you blame Hizbullah or Israel for the war, 84% of Lebanese blamed Israel for the war. (84% of Sunnis, for those who think that Lebanese Sunnis are now supporters of Israel). And 67% of Lebanese supported the capture of the two Israeli soldiers.

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