Thursday, August 03, 2006

All quiet...for now

Beirut is calm this evening and the electricity has, remarkably, been on all day in my neighbourhood. Two tankers have been permitted to dock in the next couple of days, so hopefully some degree of normalcy will be retained.
Speaking to my friend Hassan in the southern suburbs on the phone, he told me they were getting 12 hours of electricity a day despite the bombing of the night before. However, some people who had returned to Hassan's near-empty neighbourhood after the 48-hour aerial ceasefire had left following the bombings in nearby Haret Hreik.
We also discussed the fact that 10,000 Israeli troops are now in southern Lebanon, ready for the big push. "Maybe in two or three days there will be 30,000," said Hassan. "I hope not, inshallah."
His refusenik father and loyal sister are still in a village in the south, not far from Tibnin.

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